Merry Christmas Roundup

I made it through Christmas! It was a great day spent with family and cooking.  I cooked Turkey with creole injected marinade and tony's on top, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, mustard greens in bacon grease, corn, mashed garlic potatoes, cranberry sauce, and rolls.  It was so delicious.  My turkey even came out moist and full of flavor.  I was definitely tired after being on my feet all day cooking but it was worth it usually is.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it.  I'm actually a very good cook if I'm not trying some new crazy dish!  After dinner we opened presents and I got new pajama's, a new fitbit versa lite, some books, a snuggy, a framed picture, and a few other little things.  Christmas eve we spent the day with the other side of the family and really enjoyed that as well.  We spent quality time with each other and enjoyed a wonderful meal. I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas's as well, or whatever holiday you celebrate.  Next holiday up is New Years.  My plans are to spend the night with family again and shoot some fireworks.  There's nothing like spending holidays with family!  This is a short wrap up but I hope everyone enjoyed the blog today.  Remember to send me topics or questions you want answered about my life or my music and I'll be sure to get them in the blog!  Happy New Year everyone!!