Recording projects

So, I asked on all my social media if my fans wanted to see another EP or wait for a full album.  Recording music is expensive, although not as expensive as I once thought, but still pricey.  I raised money through raffles, gigs, selling merch, and crowdfunding and recorded and released my first EP roughly a year ago.  I ended up paying in the ball park of $5000 for 4 songs to be completed including all the studio time, photo's, mixing, and mastering.  I have recently been quoted $5000 for 10 songs to be recorded including mixing and mastering.  I have decided to have a hot plate fundraiser to raise this money as I think this will yield better results.  I have a number of followers and fans who all support my music but very few who actually want to financially support this endeavor.  Many musicians struggle with this as friends want to like a post or share but everyone wants to say they have no money.  What they don't understand is that if every fan, friend, family member, or follower would simply donate $2-5 there would be enough money to complete projects.  Musicians struggle to support their art and indie artists have to pay for everything themselves.  You don't have to donate large amounts and there is no minimum that is expected.  Every dollar truly counts no matter how small and if you absolutely cannot help financially be sure to share every post, event, comment, and like to be as supportive as possible.  This is a true even if you are not a fan of the genre.  Here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast we support each other regardless of genre.  Not everyone likes country or metal, etc. but we all still invite friends to like pages and share others music so that new fresh ideas are allowed the opportunity to blossom.  I look forward to reading everyone's comments and take on this blog!