Corona Virus

So, it's been a while since I've posted.  Since my last post the whole world has gone into lockdown due to the covid-19 form of the corona virus.  I have never been worried since this started however, I'm not excited about being stuck at home with no where to go.  Since this started I have been staying busy writing new material as well as started a "live from the parlor" online music series which I hope you all have enjoyed.  I have another one coming up May 1.  This has been a learning curve for most musicians since we can't perform in public due to social distancing requirements and the like.  Let me know what you have been doing during this difficult time.

I am for sure looking forward to all things getting back to normal...or as close as possible.  I am also hoping to be performing at my upcoming shows after this next live from the parlor.  Let me know if you'd like to see these continue.  I'm thinking about keeping them every couple of weeks since they've really been fun and allow for my fans overseas to get to see me play.  Stay home y'all and stay safe.