New Year New Me

Hello y'all, we are now full swing into the New Year and I for one am so excited.  This year is off to a fabulous start with lots of bookings and jams scheduled.  I even booked a National Anthem event at the local fairgrounds for a kids barrel racing event.  I love kids and veterans and any time I can do something fun with them I am totally on board.  My new years celebration was so fun.  We had fireworks and great food while celebrating the end of a decade with friends and family.  Leave a comment what you did for new years eve below.

GEAUX Tigers!! So last night was the LSU-Clemson national championship game.  If you know me, you know that I love the LSU tigers.  They had a rough start but once the defense started picking it up, LSU was going to be unstoppable.  It was a great game and the stamina of the LSU team helped them to pull ahead and take the championship. So proud of the Purple and Gold and many wishes for their continued success. 

This week I had a radio interview with Blackdog indie country radio station and it was fabulous.  If you missed it be sure to check it out on my facebook page at Reatha Pitman Music.  We talked about my EP, the weather, and a lot of other really fun stuff.  I think you'll really enjoy it.  So now that I updated everyone on my regular life lets talk about music.  If you have questions or topics for me to discuss on here please let me know so that I can share with everyone.  Also, I am still working on raising money for the new album so if you want to see new music from me soon, please visit my patreon account and at least consider donating $2/month. 

Happy New Year Everyone!! Let's make 2020 great!!