She Wolf Radio's rising star recipient, Ally's attic show-artists to watch in 2019 recipient, Social Stars WW  Best new EP/Album nominee, Best new Country artist nominee, and Best new country song nominee (2019)

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“'Darlin’ He’s Yours' packs a mighty horseshoe encased in its velvet glove delivery" - Just a Hint of Mayhem

"Beautiful voice, awesome performer. Great music" - Susan West

 "Her unique style of music! Not afraid to give it her all!" - John Dove

"She obviously is a good musician and she has an intriguing presence" - Richard Dye


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Reatha Pitman is an American Country Singer Songwriter based out of Long Beach, MS.  She has an old country sound similar to Tanya Tucker with a modern flair.  She recently debuted her first EP 'Road on Which We Travel' available now wherever you download music.  She wrote and recorded the EP while serving on active duty with the United States Navy and has served her country for 14 years.

Reatha will tell you she was most influenced by artists such as The Judds, Martina McBride, Patsy Cline, and Reba.  She has dreamed of country music and being a singer for most her life and is so excited to share her dream and her music with the world.  As a child she would watch country music videos for hours at her grandfather's house to keep from being bored and thus spawned a dream in a little girl.

Having served in the United States Navy, Reatha has a passion for veterans organizations and supporting veterans.  They deserve to be treated with respect and she helps her local veteran's organizations with a variety of tasks including moves, fundraisers, and  PTSD awareness campaigns amongst other things.  She hopes to continue this work in the future.



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